National Tradesmen Day with Triangle Electric

Throughout the month of September, we were celebrating National Tradesmen Day. This holiday was created by Irwin Tools in 2011, we wanted to show just how important our tradesmen are, starting with our very own Triangle crew! Although it only happens once a year on the Third Tuesday of September, we believe we should do it all year round! Our country would not be able to function without the contribution of our country’s tradespeople. So what are the reasons for celebrating National Tradesmen Day?

To Honor the Hardworking Men and Women in the Field

National Tradesmen Day celebrates all of the hard working people out there that do hands-on work on the third Friday of September. This includes electricians, plumbers, masons, mechanics, carpenters, and so much more. These committed men and women work hard to make sure that everything functions the way that it should.

Each trade field is different from the other, but they are each physically and mentally demanding in their own way. Tradespeople have the unique skill to solve issues and get things done. That’s what makes tradespeople so important and why we should honor them!


Because Interest in Trade Has Decreased

In the past decade or so, the amount of people interested in trade work has diminished. Despite the fact that there is still very much a demand for people with trade skills, there just aren’t enough people invested in learning a new trade skill. Being a tradesman opens the door to a multitude of different opportunities. It’s an incredibly rewarding job both mentally and physically. Every day is a new challenge, and there’s no greater sense of accomplishment than building or fixing something with your own two hands.

We believe that everybody should learn at least one trade in their life so that they can comprehend how interesting yet challenging it could be!


Because we want to honor our own team

This year, we wanted to spend a majority of the month honoring all the people that work as tradesmen and encouraging others to pursue a career in a trade skill!

We also wanted to, of course, honor our own employees. The Triangle Electric team is what makes Triangle Electric great! They are the key to our success as a company. We cannot praise our employees enough!

That’s why we gave an employee spotlight to Jacob Semadeni. Thanks for all the hard work, we appreciate it! 💪Here’s a little bit about the man himself:

“Jacob Semadeni has been an apprentice for Triangle Electric since February 10, 2015, but has been in the industry for four years! He originally came from Bountiful, Utah but made his way to North Dakota for a career. Since he started working at Triangle, his favorite part of the job is Troubleshooting and his favorite project that he’s done thus far is WBI.

His favorite food is cheesecake because it’s delicious! His favorite movie is Top Gun, and his dream car is a 1970 Dodge Challenger. If he could go anywhere in the world, Jacob would go to the Maldives.

In the past 5 years, the most important thing he’s learned is how to budget money. People would describe him as a hard-working, organized, and punctual individual. Outside of work, Jacob enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and playing football. When he’s not working, he tries to spend as much time with his family as possible. In fact, his philosophy in life is ‘family first’ and he defines success as being surrounded by loved ones. In life, his biggest supporter is his wife and he is most proud of her for bringing their daughter into the world.”


Thank Your Tradesmen

We hope you all enjoyed celebrating National Tradesmen Day with us! We sincerely believe that tradesmen deserve the attention and success that they are given. They help our country prosper by building, fixing, and crafting the electrical systems we have, our water systems, and so on! Remember to thank your local tradesmen for what they do!